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Now Photo: Here Adele poses super hot in Las Vegas

And again Adele Adkins (32) shows her mega figure! The singer has been making headlines again and again with her tumbling pounds since October. In the meantime she has lost a whopping 45 kilos and apparently gained some confidence at the same time. The “Turning Tables” interpreter was just super slim for her birthday . Now there is another pic that shows how comfortable the Grammy award winner feels in her body.

With a photo, Lauren , the wife of actor Aaron Paul (40), congratulated the singer in her Instagram story on her birthday. The picture, which was taken in February, shows the two women together with Nicole Richie (38) and the wellness guru Jedidiah Jenkins in a hotel in Las Vegas. The absolute eye-catcher of the stylish troupe is clearly Adele : in a tight mini dress, she leans sexy against a door frame and once again emphasizes her weight loss success.

Adele weight loss 2020

How did Adele Gordita lose all her weight
7 stone in pounds
How did Adele Gordita lose all her weight
7 stone in pounds

Lauren also used the post to thank Adele for her friendship. “You entered my life a few months before I became a mother and quickly became one of the most important characters on my journey as a new mom,” wrote the director. Since then, the 32-year-old has taught her a lot.

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