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Nickayla Rivera Naya Mother Yolanda George and Father George

Nickayla Rivera Naya Sister / Info Lake Piru Underwater

Praying for her beautiful sister Nickayla Rivera too. They were really close @Tosci_Marie

@NayaRivera went Missing on what was 31st Month That my dad died @NickaylaRivera I am so sorry about your sister she was my favorite And I also wanted to meet her so much I hope she is found. My heart goes out to you I almost Drowned when I was Little. Funeral Service


Ventura Sheriff found a body at Lake Piru. I am praying it is not nayarivera, but if it is, it will give us closure. My heart is with Yolanda, George, @mychalrivera , and @nickaylarivera. All I have to say is that…

Nickayla Rivera father George Rivera

The United Water Conservation District: Stop swimming at Lake Piru in Ventura County, CA. Hazards include: debris and trees in water, uneven surfaces, chilly waters, whirlpools, drop-offs, underwater cliffs, and depth (up to 130 feet in dept.. @nickdmangione

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am I doing it? am I tik toking?

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Nickayla Rivera Tik Tok

Body Found

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