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New Year 2020 Wishes

New Year 2020 Wishes

Would you like to say ” Happy New Year 2020 ” or ” Happy New Year “? Then we have collected the best unusual sayings for New Year’s Eve for you. You can easily send them via Whatsapp or SMS.

Whatsapp: The best sayings and congratulations on New Year’s Eve – “Happy New Year 2020”

If your loved ones have these sayings sent to you by Whatsapp , they will certainly be very excited on New Year’s Eve .

Profound sayings and wishes for the New Year 2020:

  • “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a new, 365-page book. Write a good one! “
  • “For the New Year as good luck as water drops in the sea, as much love as stars in the sky and health every new day.”
  • “My guardian angel asked me:” What is your wish for next year? “I said:” Always take good care of the people who are close to my heart. “
  • “I wish you for the new year: a hand that holds you, a net that catches you, a sign that shows you the way and 1000 stars that light up your way.”
  • “Sun, moon and stars, everything is far away, but the good is very close – a happy and happy new year!”
  • “The New Year comes quietly, sings you about hope and love. However it sounds to you, every spring sings new songs. “
  • “Best wishes for the start of a new year! Happiness and health should always accompany you. “
  • Sun, moon and stars, everything is far away, but the good is very close – a happy and happy new year! “
  • “With fireworks and bangs – a great New Year’s Eve for all of you!”
  • “Live! Love! Laugh! In this way, make your New Year a festival that lets you celebrate your life. “
  • “The coming year should bring you joy, happiness and love, whatever you start – you should succeed immediately. The new year should give you faith, hope and peace, I will always think of you in goodness. “
  • “Today is New Year’s Eve, everything flashes and everything cracks. I wanted to think of a lovely person and give you these New Year’s greetings. “

Funny sayings at the turn of the year 2019/2020:

  • “In view of the fact that I will no longer be able to use my cell phone in a few hours, I wish you a happy New Year!”
  • “You don’t really need New Year’s Eve. You are a real bang all year round! “
  • “The old year will soon be gone, so I wish you a happy new year. Happiness should shape the New Year for us and hopefully we’ll all stay the same! ”
  • “It wobbles late in the night and wind, a piglet that laughs and sings. Only one wish, that’s clear: all the best in the new year! “
  • “My goal for 2020 is to achieve the 2019 goals that I set in 2018 because I had decided in 2017 to read what I had planned in 2016 because I failed in 2015 to achieve the goals of To be implemented in 2014.
  • “Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve is coming. In other words: “I never eat anything again!” Is replaced by “I never drink anything again!”
  • Who is waving through New Year’s Eve? It is a lucky pig – what splendor! It yodels happily – and comes from me – with the best wishes to you now! “
  • “My resolutions for the new year are like my to-do list: still topical after many years!”
  • “A pink lucky pig came running at midnight, with a burning sparkler in hand, it grunted and squealed according to the hooray, I wish you a happy new year!”
  • “Glasses that sound, sparkling wine that bubbles, people who sing, everyone who cheers. That can only mean one thing, hooray! The time has come: Happy New Year! “
New Year 2020 Wishes
New Year 2020 Wishes