Is Naya Rivera Dead? “Photos” Questions & Answers

Dead: Ventura Co. Sheriff @VENTURASHERIFF The missing person at Lake Puru has been identified as Naya Rivera, 33, of Los Angeles. SAR operation will continue at first light. @VCAirUnit@fillmoresheriff@Cal_OES Naya Rivera Dead Image Bodies

UPDATE: ‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera feared dead in California boating incident

Happening now: A body has been found at Lake Piru this morning. The recovery is in progress. A news conference will take place at 2 pm at the lake.


chuck @bchazzie: Cory Monteith’s death Mark Salling’s ch*ild pornography charges and suicide Becca Tobin’s boyfriend’s “mysterious” death Melissa Benoist in an abusive relationship with a fellow Glee cast member Leaked nude photos of female stars Now, Naya Rivera’s probable death

Warning, these photos are probably not real!!!! Has not been confirmed by the police

dead image bodies

Lord I pray they find answers to this Naya Rivera situation because it really isn’t making any sense

Tyrone Bryant

Naya’s family

  1. Son: Josey Hollis Dorsey
  2. Sister: Nickayla Rivera
  3. Brother: Mychal Rivera
  4. Mother: Yolanda Rivera
  5. Father: George Rivera

Nickayla Rivera Sister of Naya

  • Siblings : Naya Rivera
  • Nephew : Josey Hollis Dorsey

Why are all your replies to people asking simple questions so condescending? we get it you have big galaxy brain and you’re very cool


I never really watched Glee and and wouldn’t normally be strongly affected by the (presumed) death of someone I don’t know, but for some reason the latest on the Naya Rivera situation is depressing me this morning. I should have stuck with “Trending celebrity: Jesus Christ”


Bro the news about Naya Rivera is heartbreaking. Reading that she’s “presumed dead” because her 4 year old witnessed her jump off the boat and never come back up is some shit that will stick with that baby the rest of his days. I hope somehow she’s found alive.


Is Lake Piru Dangerous?

The fact that county officials are AWARE Lake Piru is dangerous to swim in but haven’t put up signs letting people know this. And Naya sadly isn’t the first person to go missing in the lake. Please sign this and pray for her, and her family.

I’m sorry for all asking to #FindNaya but truth isLake Piruis a very dangerous lake. Multiple ppl have drowned there over many years and it’s not likely that they’ll find her alive. Lakes are filled with vines & it’s likely she got tangled in them praying for her loved ones.

Is Naya Rivera Dead?

you’re telling me that the police have automatically jumped to conclusions, presumed naya rivera is dead and suspended the search until tomorrow. no that’s not right she is a missing women with a four year old son who just wants his mother returned to him. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB


@PeconicLady: They just said her son was asleep when he was found. It was Lake Piru. It was a small, pontoon boat w a sun shade. Calling it a drowning. It’s not safe to swim alone; especially in cold freshwater where you’re not buoyant. Walking in from the shore is safer.

Naya Rivera Body

Naya Rivera Dead Body?

@kay_leadbetter: Trying to compare the BRITISH authorities searching for Madeleine McCann for 13 years to the AMERICAN authorities pausing a search for Naya Rivera is absolutely absurd. Anytime someone goes missing in a body of water, the search is paused at night for the safety of the rescuers

@retrogradebey: Also after Big Sean and Naya Rivera broke up over Ariana, She found a husband Ryan Dorsey and they have a child together. Something went south and she was arrested for domestic battery charges against him, and when that blew over she filed for a divorce :/

They used her mugshot to show her criminal record and I’m sick of the media justifying lack of response to people of colour by using their mugshots. FUCK the pigs who decided that a woman of colour’s life was not important enough to search for #nayarivera #FindNayaRivera

Izzy: She is not Santana Lopez. She is not lea michele’s rival. She is not big Sean’s ex. She is not the Latino lesbian character. She is a mother, a sister, a daughter and most importantly a human being. Naya Rivera deserves more respect than this. #findnayarivera

you see the problem here?? The media is portraying Naya Rivera as someone evil by using her mugshot and arrest to downplay her disappearance because she is a woman POC. But they openly use a white supremacist and mass murders facebook photo to report his arrest.

Naya Rivera Dead Image Bodies

@kirakiramonk: naya rivera is missing and one tweet reported her to be presumed dead. and all the comments are about a glee curse like can yall take anything fucking seriously? 2 cast members passed- 1 being the guy who commit su*cide to avoid jailtime for ch*ild porn. yall are so insensitive.

@Bring_Back_Phil: The same ppl who want to defund police are screaming bcuz police suspended the search (until dawn) for ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera who is presumed drowned. Police helos used thermal cameras to look for body heat, none was found & they know Naya is dead.
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