Myron Berryman

Myron Berryman Identified who was shot outside the white house

NEW “I’m going to shoot you.” Secret Service says their white officer shot an *unarmed* black man outside White House because he made threat. Details on the man shot. MyronBerryman, 51, former boxer. me and @phscoop

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Something’s not quite right about this. The victim’s name is Myron Berryman, but no pictures are published yet. His sister says he’s a very mild mannered kind person.


ALL LIVES MATTER. Thomas Sowell, Jason Riley, Shelby Steele, Walter E Williams, Rob Smith, Larry Elder, Glen Loury… GREAT BLACK MEN 

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Myron Berryman
Myron Berryman Leaked Myron Identfied white house shooting august 10 2020