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UNBELIEVABLE Missy Williams Wright targeted by Hamptons Inn N.C Karen using pool

UNBELIEVABLE: Missy Williams Wright targeted by Hamptons Inn N.C Karen using pool

Hampton Inn employee filmed calling cops on Black guests at hotel pool

A Williamston, N.C., Hampton Inn employee has been fired for being yet another Karen on patrol and policing Black people while they try their absolute hardest to mind their own business and enjoy themselves in the hotel’s swimming pool.

Stephen Maddox Sr

This instance of racism and police misconduct is close to home. I wish to be as strong and assertive as Missy WilliamsWright in the face of abusive authorities. “Worker Calls Police on Black Woman Staying at Hotel”

UNBELIEVABLE Missy Williams Wright targeted by Hamptons Inn N.C Karen using pool
Identified Name?

The woman, who goes by Missy Williams-Wright on Facebook, said she was staying at the Hampton Inn in Williamston, about 110 miles east of Raleigh, for business. In a Facebook Live video on Friday, she said she was at the pool when an employee questioned her about being there, but did not question two white people who were there.


Posted by Missy Williams-wright on Sunday, June 28, 2020

“I feel it’s discrimination,” Williams-Wright says in the nearly 10-minute video as two officers approach her. “I have a room here and I told her that.” Source:

andy_finn: One says “just because you rent a room doesn’t mean you get to have the whole neighborhood over” She has two children with her, the f***

Unruly_Prawn: Shit’s been going on forever. Two differences these days. Current leadership enablement and most importantly, everyone has a video recording device. Sad that it’s so necessary otherwise the old “this never happened” would be the mantra. Edit: meant enablement not ennoblement.

Good! I’m a former Hilton employee I worked as a front desk & housekeeping manager, what that woman did was completely against the Hilton employee training protocol. Hampton has quite extensive online workshops and training that must be completed by all employees. It takes quite a long time to do it cause the software is quite outdated. It also depends on the location and the individual hospitality management group that operates that specific location. When I completed mine online training, there was a mandatory 3 day in person workshop at the corporate HQ of the management firm that employed me.

Hilton, and especially Hampton Inn prides itself on their “Hamptonality”. Idk if some of y’all know this, but if you plead your case correctly and if you had a horrible time staying at Hampton Inn, then you can request a full refund! Hampton Inn has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They must refund you, that’s their policy. I’ve done it in the past. GM & corporate hate it and it has to be very, very well documented as to why the refund was issued.

Now, regarding the incident, the only time that a guest is required to provide ID is in the following scenarios; a) during checking in, b) in case they loose their key c) if their room key stops working. You also never, under any circumstances open doors for guests. I had to fire my housekeeping staff. I felt bad for them but its all about privacy and safety.

That lady was categorically out of line, that should have never been reported to the police. It’s an “internal” matter and it should have been addressed with her superiors. Either with the operations manager or the front desk manager, who ever was on duty that day.

Also, keep in mind that Hilton has mobile check in and mobile check out, so you don’t even need a key to enter your room. Its done through an app on the phone.

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