Mike Delong Buffalo PD

Mike Delong Buffalo PD called a woman filming him a “disrespectful little f***ing c***.”

M. Delong: Look at Buffalo PD Mike Delong showing their ass and bullying me

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@BPDAlerts@MayorByronBrown Lieutenant M. Delong deserves to be fired or demoted for his behavior in the video going around. stop fucking around.

white silence is violence

It seems that @BPDAlerts Lieutenant Mike Delong, who was suspended without pay in 2014 for a domestic violence incident, is now calling women “disrespectful little fucking cunts” for asking why he needed to bring ten cops to check out a crackhead at a convenience store. Cool!


Oh wow. I just said “dig into his past.” Yep! I hope someone checks on the women in his life.

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Second you feel an officer is stepping over the line like this scrub was doing get their badge number marked down to ID them and keep recording just like you did to keep a record of what they do. Don’t even go back and forth because dudes like this are looking for people to bully


Buffalo PD M. Delong

Buffalo Police Lt. Calls Woman Filming Him ‘F***ing C***’

I think BPD needs to take the time to investigate a LT calling a woman a “c***” in a time where police representation is SO important.. for both the safety and reputation of law enforcement as well as rebuilding trust with citizens..


You’re going to be viral’: #Buffalo police investigating a lieutenant caught on video calling a woman who was recording police “a disrespectful little f—— c—“