Mike Brown

Mike Brown Autopsy | how did mike die? Info Leaked

Mike Brown’s murder by Police is why our generation is politically active today. When so many cops are killing so many innocent people, something much worse is going on other than just a “few bad cops”. When there are this many bad apples, something is wrong with the orchard. 1/3 Source: Adam E Ross @adammanross

Today we say your name. michael brown jr. may you always rest in love and power. it wasn’t your choice, but i will never forget how you ignited a community, rippling across the world, changing my life forever. you should still be here. mike brown forever. and ever. and ever.


Mike Brown Autopsy

Mike Brown Autopsy was 292 and Wilson was 210. He outweighed him by 82 lbs. He’s dead because he punched an officer, reached for the officer gun, and then charged at the officer. You haven’t even read the report or autopsy.

Darren Wilson fired 12 shots in total. Not “dozens.” Of the two in the car, one of them hit Mike Brown in hand as he tried to steal the gun. Mike Brown wasn’t a child, and he wasn’t fleeing. He was charging at the officer. The autopsy and FBI investigation proved that.

#Ferguson resident Angelique Kidd exercises her First Amendment rights in front of a row of Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers & St Louis County police in riot gear at the Ferguson Police Department on the 6yr anniversary of the police killing of #MikeBrown.

There never was a Robbery that was a concocted story by the Ferguson Police Department and unlike today, the media trusted them and ran with their version. Only to find out later that Mike Brown didn’t rob anyone.