Michael Reinoehl

Michael Reinoehl “Identified” | Jay Bishop Portland Shooting Video

4Chan: Portland shooter has been identified as Michael Reinoehl. One shot and killed as Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed in PortlandTrending with: Portland and #BidenRiots

Yes that lie may ‘seem clear’ to a psychopath. Normals know that Jacob Jay Bishop was executed by hairless #Antifa thug Michael Reinoehl.

Source: @TheFreedomFan#

Why does his arrest record say Jay Bishop? Source: @orblueduck

Tentative ID (but I’m 99% sure) Michael Reinoehl Snowboarder and contractor in Oregon **** SE Powell Valley Rd #317 Gresham, OR, 97080 503421**** Crashtes*********@gmail.com (I redacted specific contact details)

Source: @KinetiCraft
andy ngo

Michael Reinoehl – Snowboarding Instructor – Independent contracter | LinkedIn
View Reinoehl’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Michael has…

Here’s the hairless wonder, Michael.R, 48. He was charged in June with speeding at 111mph in a race with his 17 year old son, while his young daughter was in the car. Police found an illegal, loaded Glock in his car–probably used to murder the Patriot Prayer guy.

Lauren Watson Wife Shooking

Who is Michael Reinoehl

Studio 2.8 Report: Reliable evidence and reports identify the man who is alleged to have shot and killed a member of the “Patriot Prayer” political group in downtown Portland, Oregon last night, August 29, 2020, as Michael Reinoehl.

Source: @studio2point8

Sir I live in Portland and let me tell u what I saw dudes in pickups with trump supporter banners shooting anyone walking with paint guns they were the ones causing violence they also tried to run over some protesters I was there I saw it so you’re lying.


Rising authoritarian, Donald Trump, took to Twitter to blame “ANTIFA” for the shooting. He also took the opportunity to attack the Mayor of Portland, retweet known far-right agitators & personalities, threaten to send in the National Guard, and praise his supporters.

Jacob Bishop

Watch videos of DT supporters riding into Portland with guys in back of trucks shooting mace at citizen folks walking across the street. Shooting paint balls at press Some beat up a reporter It’s all there Are they criminals too? You only address one side. All protesters not bad


Slowed down and zoomed in footage of the shooting death last night in Portland. Victim uses bear spray (big cloud seen) on person with white shirt, who retaliates with gunshots.

4Chan Users Appear to Have Identified Portland Rioter Who Shot and Killed Trump Supporter Michael Reinoehl

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h m

It should be open season on Antifa


Not only is he a hairless wonder, but the police will easily be able to identify him by his extrordinarily LARGE left nostril.