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Michael Lofthouse solid8 Carmel Valley | INFO

Are you still doing business with solid8? Did you see the CEO Michael Lofthouse’ racist rant calling Asians pieces of shit? If you don’t speak out and end his contract then you are complicit. Vote Like It’s Your Last @noturstudent

Well, well look who made CBS This Morning Show..that’s right. Michael Lofthouse CEO of Solid8.


Tech CEO “Michael” abuses the Asian family in the California restaurant. A father of the family. “Raymond Orosa” is a sales representative at Mercedes-Benz in Los Angeles

Michael.L , another local racist. He owns Solid8 and lives in Los Gatos. He is also an immigrant from the UK, so I’m not sure why he thinks it’s okay to act like this. Feel free to share.

They found him!! Can we pleasee hold this fu**er accountable and spread this shit? He owns his own business (Solid 8) but let’s hold the companies he is contracted with accountable.


So Michael Lofthouse founder of solid 8 the thick racist shit joined Twitter just to try and threaten random people dragging him with imaginary legal action. Dm me if your “lawyers” need my address Michael

Adam Moore

Karen Kicked Out Of Fancy Carmel Valley Restaurant For Being A Racist Dbag To Asian Customer! This Karen‘s name is Michael Lofthouse. He lives in San Francisco. Originally from the UK. And it seems he’s not a fan of Asian people. THANKFULLY, a restaurant worker told him to GTFO!

  • Allow me to introduce Michael Lofthouse the founder and CEO of Solid8.
  • Solid8
  • 15559 UNION AVE, # 212
  • LOS GATOS, CA 95032
  • 650 California ST
  • San Francisco, CA 941008
  • SOURCE: Jeffrey Korst
  • linkedin michaellofthouse

This was posted from his sister susannatsang “Susanna Tsangin law’s insta page, who is ASIAN (from Hong Kong)! Michael Lofthouse has a half Asian niece yet he displays such hateful racist behavior/views towards Asians. What a disgrace this fool is tsk tsk tsk

30 Years ago Trump called for the hanging of 5 black men known as the Central Park 5. They turned out to be innocent. Trump never apologized. If anyone needs to apologize it’s Donald Trump to all of Black America, not Bubba Wallace and not NASCAR! Raise your hand if you agree!

Mrs. Krassenstein
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That address in Los Gatos is a PO Box. Here is a more promising address though:

167 Las Astas Dr
Los GatosCA 95032