Megan Thee Stallion Shoot in the foot Photo

Pictures Meg the Stallion Shot

So someone shot Meg the Stallion…. 2020 can go. Immediately. @simimoonlight i can’t wrap my head around the fact that meg thee stallion got shot. that doesn’t even sound right to say.

So…Megan Thee Stallion was shot on Sunday??? Who THE FUCK am I gonna have to fuck up for doing that??? Momma is the NICEST young lady ever and y’all gonna SHOOT her?!? That’s enough…bring the meteor…2020 is over.

Hollywood hills got a lot of these celebs forgetting who they are. From a bullet going through the room where Nicki Minaj was supposed to get dressed in. Pop smoke being killed. Tori Brixx getting robbed Megthestallion getting shot. Be safe out in those hills


So apparently the rapper Megan Thee Stallion got shot. She survived, thankfully. But now, Twitter users are wondering who shot Meg and vowing to hunt down the person responsible. Considering how powerful Twitter is, I’m very glad to not be you, whoever you are. Watch your back!


So Meg the Stallion was “shot” that night. Then driven to the hospital by the police (not an ambulance) where she has undergone surgery and no one knew about it. And y’all believe this shit?