MarkMcCloskey Patricia McCloskey gun protest

Who is Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey

Their names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey and they live at 1 Portland Place, Central West End, St. Louis, MO. They’re both attorneys and will not hesitate to kill any black person who is peacefully protesting in front of their house. Twitter do your thing. @StephanieSidley

America has to be to single densest place in the known universe. Infinite stupidity crushed under the weight of arrogance

Benjamin Dixon

#McCloskey Law Center in St. Louis MO. Mark and Patricia McCloskey pointed a gun at peaceful #Protesters


It would be the best form of protest if concerned citizens called: 573-635-7400 To file a Missouri Bar Complaint against Mark or Patricia McCloskey

Black Lives Matter KC

Mark & Patricia McCloskey‘s mansion,1 Portland Place, St. Louis, MO. (verifying photo). They are attys, McCloskey Law Center, and violated Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.030.1(4) prohibiting exhibiting “any weapon readily capable of lethal use” in an angry or threatening manner in public. @FlarussSmith

As our police officers, street outreach workers and residents continue to work tirelessly to keep our communities safe, he’s using the victims of gun violence in our city to score cheap political points, spew racist rhetoric, and ignore the impact of COVID across this country. @chicagosmayor

During the protest, these thugs, Patricia and Mark McCloskey, brandished and pointed weapons at us, a crowd of protestors. I had guns pointed at my back by them as I tried to keep folks safe. They need to be arrested and charged. @Ohun_Ashe

A couple has come out of their house and is pointing guns at protesters in their neighborhood #StLouis #lydakrewson


Powerful pic from @LaurieSkrivan of the ultimate *Karen* pointing a gun at BLM protesters in the Central West End in the St. Louis area. This is worth at least 1,000 words and could be a Pulitzer Prize.

I kid you not, the American Airlines employee just asked me to open my firearms case to show there was no ammo loaded and picked up my p226 while saying, “I don’t know anything about guns, you’ll have to show me how I know it’s not loaded” while pointing it at my chest. @CalebJHull

My friend was at this and these mfers really came out the house ready to shoot everybody. Both are lawyers in MO. McCloskey Law Firm. The wife is on the ethics board and decides who gets to be a lawyer in MO. Call the state and get these ppl @DaTruthiz_BAK26

This study provided empirical evidence that the race of the victim is the greatest predictor of who gets the death penalty in the U.S. It was used in Mcleskey v. Kemp in 1987 in an attempt to overturn a death penalty sentence for a black man.


Ken & Karen Chadbro
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The people talking about racism and saying to revoke his license are envious stupid sub human animals incapable of any rational thought or objectivity. As one Marxist said: my neighbor has two cows and I have no cows. This makes me feel bad. What’s the solution they asked? Kill her cows. Fuck these Protestors. Protecting their mansion is 100% beyond justified. So justified it does not even deserve a response. If charges are brought and shouted out by their controlled media and tech – it’s just more evidence of an abusive move on the deep states chess board to scare… Read more »