Masai Ujiri Push Body Cam

Masai Ujiri Leaked Sheriff Body Cam Push Video

Shocking Body Cam VIDEO They tried to charge Masai Ujiri and later the cop.tried to sue him for damages…so yeah…#

The NBA,Alameda County Sheriff’s Office should have handled it better than they did…the video is clear as day…firing on the spot or hours after close review should have been the beginning and end of this


Just keep watching this and wondering how this guys boss can watch this and all the other footage that were available to them and give this guy paid leave on tax payers dime.

People say racism is a class issue, Masai Ujiri owns the Toronto Raptors, this footage is him trying to walk on to the court after the Raptors won the NBA Chip, notice he gets pushed, tries to pull out his ID and is pushed again by the police who’s body cam this is

Don’t worry, Masai has this accomplishment for the rest of his life. A pivotal moment as an executive, African, black man, and ambassador for both Africa and Canada in all of sports. That little cuck Alan Strickland is just a minor inconvenience in the legacy of Masai Ujiri.


Don’t forget one of the most important parts, which is he’s pulling his pass out of his pocket, it’s in his hand, and the guy won’t even ask to see it, like not a “Woah show me the pass” after he’s holding it and trying to walk past, just goes to the shove, doubles down on shoving him with significantly more force the second time, and then STILL just won’t ask to see the pass which he’s holding in his hand. So insane.