Keese Love

The kickers name is Marquise Love, of Portland Oregon Keese Love on Facebook

IDENTIFIED: The BLM “Security” person filmed kicking the Portland driver unconscious is Marquise “Keese” Lee Love. Love has a criminal history that includes charges of domestic violence. Make him famous Dan. His name is Keese Love on Facebook

Update: Victime identified as Adame Haner

There was a lot of chaos in the middle of downtown Portland overnight with groups of thugs (who were at the BLM protests) going around beating people. Those who intervened to help were then also assaulted. Police could not respond per command orders.

“Police could not respond per command orders” <- I find it odd that in the land of the class-action lawsuit no-one has yet sued the authorities/politicians over their (selective) actions over these riots.

If police are told not respond to violence – then citizens who defend themselves with whatever force they deem necessary should not be prosecuted either. But that’s not how it works is it? It’s only the Wild West in one direction.

If the police aren’t allowed to respond to reports of violent gangs assaulting random people on the street, the rule of law no longer exists in Portland. Full stop.

I agree, but balls are one thing, and being outnumbered is another. I love the videos where the citizens take to the street and knock the brains out of the antifa punks!
We need more of them! But the police are often outnumbered, and regular citizens are untrained / unprepared

What is the name of the victim? People of America, SAY HIS NAME! The Governor Kate Brown, Mayor Ted Wheeler, DA Mike Schmidt & Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum should all be held accountable. They not only allowed but have encouraged this to happen. Kate Brown, National Guard NOW.

Star Protection Agency “Keese Love” “Marquise Love

I hate seeing comments saying that the video is without context. When did it become ok to assault anyone for any reason, especially by a mob or large group against one person? Support this action to your detriment. Because you might be that one person, someday, against the mob.


So you made comments w/o watching the video. The woman said the stuff in his truck is all he has. He is likely living out of it & homeless. Doubtful he can afford plates. You can see a damn mattress in the back. Other videos show they harassed him first and later tackled his wife Tammie Martin


Keese IG / FB account here:

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FIND HIM and charge him with attempted murder!


There’s is also a video of BLM beating up a woman before this incident. The man tried to help her but got chased back into his car. He tried to drive off but they followed him. Then robbed him and kicked him unconscious. Don’t know how people still support this

david creighton

kill him