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Marilane Carter Her husband Adam Carter says she would have never willingly left her three young children without checking in

Marilane Carter found dead!? Several people have commented on Adam Carter’s demeanor in his tv interview as being troubling. I agree. He seems to smile, even has a bit of a smirk at times talking about how Marilane has helped people.

Amy Smith

Marilane Carter, 36, was last seen leaving her home in Overland Park, Kansas, at around 8:15 p.m on August 1, on her way to visit her family in Birmingham, Alabama.

Security footage showed her checking into a hotel in Quality Inn in West Plains, Missouri, on Saturday night, but she only stayed around three hours. Her family last heard from her by phone late Sunday, when she was in Memphis, Tennessee.

Did you contact the hospitals or MH rehab places in that area? Sometimes they do not reach out to notify others due to health care privacy laws. They will do a 72 hour hold and place the person in a two to four-week rehab facility for longer care – w/o notification.

Adam, we are continuing in prayer for Marilane and for you and your family. I’ve been sharing all info with my #Alabama friends on Facebook also. Trusting God for her safety and peace, and quick return to you.

Praying for you and your family. I can’t imagine living through something like this. May God work a miracle in this situation!

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