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Marco van der Kolk Dead

On Saturday August 22, 2020, a 26 year old man Marco van der Kolk got knocked out and was pronounced dead from a double tap by the ground. The assault took place at the Oude Markt in Enschede, near Haverstraatpassage, the Netherlands.

In Enschede, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, a man was beaten to such an extent that he died. The victim is 26-year-old Marco van der Kolk. The police have now arrested four suspects.

The police were approached on Saturday night around 01.45 am by a witness that a man had just been assaulted at the intersection of the Haverstraatpassage and the Oude Markt. On the spot, bystanders were already providing first aid to the victim. Marco van der Kolk was then transferred to hospital in critical condition. Yesterday afternoon he died of his injuries.

It is still unknown what caused the abuse. A video shows how four men stand around Marco van der Kolk. There is clearly a fight between him and some of the men. Then one of them slaps Marco van der Kolk. The victim falls backwards and the moment his head hits the ground, a bang can be heard from which it can already be concluded that it is very wrong. The four suspects seem to panic and bystanders quickly run to the victim to provide help.