Man killed 3 children: Thomas Hawks sentenced

Thomas For Drunken Crash That Killed 3 Children On Indian Head Highway

Thomas Hawks, 28, admitted that he was the driver who caused the crash on Indian Head Highway on December 30, 2018, while heavily into intoxicated and impaired.

Two parents, Alexis and Juana Mejia suffered life-threatening injuries, and their three young children, twins, Alexander and Rosalie, five-years-old, and their one-year-old brother, Isaac, were killed.

Almost every seat in the courtroom was filled as a judge read the sentence.

The Meija family spoke during sentencing, reading statements detailing how the tragedy has forever impacted their lives.

Hawks’ parents also read emotional statements detailing the remose and guilt their son feels and how he is ready to teach society about the dangers of drinking and driving.