Little Elf Wrapping Paper Cutter

Little Elf Wrapping Paper Cutter

Where can I buy Little Elf Wrapping Paper Cutter from The Shark Tank?

Here >>> SHOP <<< Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter is available in the online shop on the company website

Characteristics Shark Tank Little Elf Wrapping Paper Cutter Produkt Gift Wrap Cutter

  • Cuts wrapping paper quickly and accurately from 
  • Straight cut – every time
  • Keeps paper roll simultaneously clean  together
  • Saves time and a lot of nerves
  • The tailor is flexible and can therefore be used for all sizes of wrapping paper
  • The built-in blade ensures super- easy cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Packing presents is almost fun 😉

Make cutting wrapping paper fun and easy this holiday season with Little ELF

While many people enjoy wrapping presents, getting the paper unrolled, holding it still, and cutting it to the proper size is not so easy! Bryan Perla has invented a clever device that holds the paper roll in place and makes a clean cut, avoiding those choppy edges and rips that make the job look seriously amateur.

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