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‘Fake Federal Agent Karen’ Warns Worker That She Will Be Personally Sued by the Government if She Enforces Store’s Mandatory Mask Policy: WATCH

Yo, Lenka Koloma can fu** straight off. I work 8hr shifts, 40 hours total every week with a mask and I have no restrictions on breathing. FTBA can suck their much needed air out of my ass. Source: Lord of Grass @Geeky_Weeb

I hope after giving the probably-illegal wackjob Lenka Koloma a platform to spew her misinformation without challenging her, at least your station can set the record straight on her most recent threat to sue a worker for following state law. Do your job.


Every story has two sides and it’s the art of communication to understand this phenomenon 🌸🌺🌸

Posted by Lenka Koloma on Sunday, August 9, 2020
Pic Source Instagram/Facebook Liz Chavez and Lenka Koloma
it would be a shame if people started filling the cart on your page and abandoning orders…i hear that can really mess up a small business. people probably should pretend to be customers when their not though. who would do pretend to be someone their not….

Based on the video she has a Russian accent. Which explains why she has no idea what our country was founded on, or that she was committing a crime. Ignorance is no excuse, looking forward to watching this dumpster fire catch charges

Going back on public to say that I really really hope that you get a large fine for the shit you pulled on this poor essential worker!!! You’re exactly part of the reason why we can’t get back to normal!

Our republic was built on locking up fraudsters who pretend to be part of a federal agency that doesn’t exist. Also, we are canceling Karens. It appears you are both. I’m looking forward to the follow up article where you’ve been charged for impersonating a fed.

Under Title 18 U.S.C.A. § 912 falsely impersonating a fed officer or US employee is a fed crime punishable by a fine or up to 3 yrs imprisonment. False ID offender is undertaking doesn’t have to be from an existing fed agency & doesn’t have to be a real fed act 2 satisfy statute.

The exchange occurred on Friday afternoon in Orange County, when supervisor Liz Chavez (suitable and considerably remaining), 31, was educated by a person of her colleagues that two women have been in the keep devoid of masks on, a violation of the store’s COVID-19 policy.

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You give immigrants a bad name. You should be deported.what you’re doing is criminal #deport.lenkakoloma