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Info’s out there. Guy apparently mentally imbalanced, maybe on bad drug trip & snapped. Cannon‘s father told TV station he & Sessoms were neighbors for 8 yrs. “There wasn’t anything between me & him, any bad blood whatsoever, 4 him to have a reason to do this,” Hinnant said.

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George Floyd was a 46-year old felon and bad father, trying to commit a crime high on drugs and he got 4 televised funerals, 70 days of riots and a folded flag. What does 5-year old Cannon Hinnant and all of the children killed in Chicago and New York in earlier days get?

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A North Carolina father said he knew the man accused of shooting and killing his 5-year-old son, and even had dinner with him just the night before the child’s death.

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  1. RIP George Floyd
  2. RIP David Dorn
  3. RIP Breonna Taylor
  4. RIP Tracy Saboe
  5. RIP Sincere Gaston
  6. RIP Cannon Hinnant

RIP all the people who have been senselessly murdered this year. These are just the names I’ve heard of…

All are equally tragic. This is not about race nor politics.

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Vickie Edge Florida woman murdered by Jerry Geisler Odum

This is devastating. I ran for office because I was tired of children being harmed and killed. A few weeks ago it was 1-year-old Davell in Brooklyn, this week it’s 5-year-old Cannon, we must do everything we can to make sure no more children suffer or die. Source: Jamaal Bowman @JamaalBowmanNY

The argument that Cannon Hinnant‘s murder should not be covered by the mainstream media because his killer was arrested straight up exposes the left and the media as frauds who only care about what promotes their agenda and who believe the media’s job is activism, NOT journalism.

you are upset about the murder of 5 year old Cannon Hinnant? me too, it’s painful and disturbing. you have every right to be upset and I respect you you want to use the murder of this young child to create a false equivalency and silence the BLM movement? you are a bad person

Hey man. Idk if you’ll see this (you’re a famous rockstar and such) but I appreciate you using your voice to not only call out the bad shit happening but also calling out bullshit. You’re a role model and using that to do good in this world.

In my opinion, the news received the right attention, but the wrong amount of it. It received the proper results in the proper time. Compared to most events that’ve happened recently? Don’t get me wrong, the kid deserves justice. But in light of recent events?

This is not about being a bad person. This is about showing the narrative of hate BLM is spreading. Antiracism is a fair cause. But the movement is full of premises that should be discussed.

If one of the motives for this horrible atrocity is because he was white, then this most definitely should be spoken of in the same vernacular as BLM.

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