Irvine Smith

Arrested Leigh Dundas & Morton Irvine Smith

Irvine Smith White Trump supporters cheered when businesses locked their doors because of BLM protests. Many businesses put up wood on windows without zero fucks by MAGA whites. But now they try to storm a market and are denied access and it’s all tears and outrage. Fuck all of them.

Lenka Koloma (founder of “Freedom to Breathe Agency”), Scientology Lawyer Leigh Dundas (publicly doxxed OC Health Officer) & Morton Irvine Smith (Irvine family) held a planned protest in Costa Mesa today. A bunch of maskless thugs who allegedly tried to loot Mother’s Market.


What part of the store closing do they not understand.. the store can do what it wants anytime it wants… that’s the great thing about owning a business as long as your run it legally there is nothing these dumb dumbs can do about it closing…

False imprisonment is a bullshit narrative by Leigh Dundas. They were asked not to enter a private business, they ignored them, the business feared the crowd and the ides of looting and locked doors. Those who wouldnt leave were held as shoplifters would be like citzen arrest

And while I appreciate that @CostaMesaPD
arrested one alleged looter, I would like to point out the drastic difference in police behavior between protestors holding American flags vs Black Lives Matters signs. Damn tired of this double standard. White privilege at its finest.

Holy guacamole. I was there just yesterday and had a conversation with the cashier about a video taken at a different OC Mother’s where the guy gave a Nazi salute to the worker asking him to wear a mask. So glad I didn’t go today. The workers at that store are awesome