Lena Hernandez Sherry-Ann Bulseco and Kayceelyn Salminao

Her name is Lena Hernandez of Long Beach, CA. She’s a manager at Carl’s Jr.!!!

Who is Lena Hernandez? Racist Tirade At Asian Woman “Sherry-Ann Bulseco” Doing Stair Exercises In Charles H. Wilson Park

Lena Hernandez has been identified as the ‘Torrance Karen’ who is subject to a racial tirade on an Asian lady named Sherry while she was exercising on the stairs in Wilson Park in a viral video on June 10th, 2020. On the same day, Lena struck again with a racial tirade, this time with a man in a parking lot.

lena hernandez long beach facebook
lena hernandez long beach facebook

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Torrance PD found Lena Hernandez in the city of San Pedro where she was arrested and brought to a station, and will bail out soon.

She was arrested for misdemeanor battery. SOURCE: TMZ

UPDATE: 7/4/2020 

Lena Hernandez Daughter

UPDATE: According to one Twitter user, Hernandez has a daughter who is on the Torrence PD. However, BINGiNews cannot confirm if the information is true.

UPDATES: Another woman named “Kayceelyn Salminao” was also attacked by Lena-Hernandez in 2019

I filed a police report on this same lady back in October 2019 due to a physical attack ON ME. Nothing came of it. What are you going to do about it NOW? @TorrancePD

Kayceelyn Salminao @kayceelyn_a

Sherry-Ann Bulseco: A white woman told another woman exercising on the stairs at Torrance’s Wilson Park to “go back to whatever f*** Asian country you belong in. Sherry-Ann Bulseco Work experience: Air Stewardess “Virgin America”

Samantha Baker

‘Hey, listen to me! We don’t play games here anymore. Next time you ever talk to me like that you’re going to get you a** kicked by my family. They’re going to f*** you up!’ the woman says. 

The victim questions what she did to cause the sudden outburst, but the unidentified woman continues to hurl insults and says ‘because you’re an a******.’ 

‘Why don’t you go somewhere else?’ the woman says. ‘Get the f*** out of this world, get the f*** out of these stairs, go back to whatever f****** Asian country you belong in! 

Sherry Berry Video in Wilson Park

Generally speaking, if one wants to go up stairs where someone is stretching they just say excuse me.


Does anyone ever say “Go back to England!” just to see the pie eyed look of confusion on their faces?


Trump voter 100%


I grew up around Torrance and I just gotta say like… how long has that old lady been hanging onto that hatred?? Torrance has a BIG Asian population lmfao her racism is probably stressing her out every single day

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She is likely mentally ill. Perhaps dementia, severe depression, or another condition which manifests with anger. Let’s get her into a facility.


No this is false, her name is Vickie Wible and she has no relatives in the PD. Please correct, Lena Hernandez is an innocent person.


Her name is not Vicky!!!! The family even posted on this actual thread because they’re getting threats.

AJ Simkatu

The police have stated her name is Lena Hernandez.

A l Al

Lena Hernandez from long beach.. then she is not white at all based on the family name and the geographic location. She’ smost likely hispanic.

Sofia Gutierrez

Noooo, she can’t be one of us…maybe her husband is Latin and that’s how she got a Latin name?!

AJ Simkatu

Hispanic is not a race. It’s an ethnicity. Hispanics can be black, white, indigenous, or mixtures of other races. She definitely appears to be white.


We are currently looking for her and will update when we are able to beat her to death. Scum like her do not deserve to live.


Says you. How bout I beat you to death and let her watch. Punk internet faggot. People like you are worthless, shit talk till someone cracks your face and your all quiet. Least this lady speaks her mind and doesn’t hide behind get along flags.


I’m guessing you’re to stupid to see the irony in your response. Sad.


You can’t and won’t beat shit pussy. Why don’t you post your name and address if you’re such a tough guy… pussy!

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