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Leak Ikea Masturbation Video goes viral in china whatsonweibo

*Leaked* Ikea Masturbation Video goes viral in china | whatsonweibo

Recently, IKEA videos have been listed in the circle of friends and various popular searches. This should have been a stable and steady development of home furnishing enterprises, how come suddenly this hot search? Could it be that there is a problem with the company’s development or product quality?

So I looked at the comments under various hot searches, almost all of them are all kinds of comments for videos, seeds, and even sales of resources. It can be regarded as a general understanding of the nature of the matter.

It turned out that IKEA was caught in the same turmoil as the Uniqlo incident in 2015.

Perhaps netizens who are late in contact with the Internet may not be aware of the Uniqlo incident of the year. They can only say that the Uniqlo incident of the year can be described as a popular Internet platform for a time.

At that time, although Uniqlo was ok, the popularity among Chinese people was actually average.

Fullfive filmed masturbating in Ikea

But with the help of the Uniqlo incident, it suddenly gained popularity in China.

But what about IKEA? It seems that it is more famous than Uniqlo in the home market. Why does this happen?

Is it another marketing

After the incident, the first person from IKEA expressed that the incident had nothing to do with IKEA, and IKEA was also a victim. But many people are thinking whether this will be another IKEA marketing?

You know, in today’s highly developed Internet, a news, no matter how good or bad, can almost reach the mobile phones of millions of netizens in a blink of an eye. In terms of IKEA’s popularity, do they need this kind of marketing? Anyway, IKEA chose to come and make a clarification statement as soon as things happened.

Video IKEA masturbation in China name Fullfive

To know that IKEA’s popularity in the home market can be much higher than that of Uniqlo in the past, it seems that it is not necessary to further increase the popularity through this method.

But I do n’t know if you remember the IKEA incident on June 30, 2016? Almost exactly the same as this incident, the difference is that they were pictures.

But what if this is IKEA’s indulgence or acquiescence? I feel this chance is still relatively small.

However, I think IKEA will still focus on improving its brand and improving its quality. Now that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and its reputation is not easy to maintain, is it better to do well.

This kind of emulation, although objectively attracting traffic for IKEA, is not a good thing in the long run.

Is this a deliberate video?

I do n’t know if you remember the Uniqlo incident that year? At that time, there was a lot of controversy around whether it was intentional marketing or negligence, and there was a lot of doubt. But it was just questioning, and to be honest, the failure to produce a real hammer proved that it was intentional.

But from this video, it is said to be a candid shot, which is obviously unreasonable. Some professionals analyzed that, judging from the position and focusing methods, it is obvious that there is a suspicion of swinging, and the probability is not small.

Indeed, today in the Internet, drainage is a very common marketing method, and now almost all have formed a mature industrial chain.

Indeed, some of the lesser-known brands have to get rich and expensive in order to market, and choose the way of getting the position to gain attention.

But marketing is not a quest for swords. For some brands that are already famous, it is better to do a solid job of products and services than rely on illusory marketing.

This is how these big brands live their lives.