Leaked: Ashley Mason / Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes & Desmond Joshua | Burger King shooting

SECOND arrest in Orlando Burger King shooting, where investigators say employee was killed for ‘slow service.’ Investigators say Ashley Mason is the customer who became angry over the service, got her boyfriend, Kelvis Rodriguez, who killed the employee in the parking lot.

Jamie Holmes

Orlando man Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes has been arrested for shooting and killing 22 war old Desmond Armond Joshua Jr who had just started working for Burger King.

Wife of Man Charged with Murder of Florida Burger King Employee Also Arrested

Scallywag, what a name. But it’s fitting for a rag that posts a mugshot of the Black victim killed while at work but not a photo of the white woman, Ashley Mason. The demented customer got upset bc her order was delayed. Ashley returned with her BF who murdered Desmond Joshua. Source: @nherwords

Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes

The restaurant’s security cameras captured how Rodríguez-Tormes grabbed the employee by the head and tried to suffocate him until a person who was there managed to release him.

Rodríguez-Tormes left the restaurant but went to his vehicle, took a pistol and returned. Before opening fire, he warned him: “You have two seconds before I shoot you.”

The Hispanic was arrested and charged with first degree murder with a firearm, destruction of evidence (the weapon did not appear) and possession of a firearm by a person with a prior criminal conviction.