Jail! “Karen” Laura Lewis | went crazy on a group of skateboarders

Austin: Cops say the woman, Laura K. Lewis, was arrested and charged with assault by contact after officers arriving on scene witnessed her attack.

Skate Park KAREN Laura Lewis FIGHTS WITH TEENS Later Arrested in Austin Texas Woman Brawls Teenagers http://youtu.be/icOdQg9mUh8 The FULL VIDEO and my thoughts in the ABOVE YOUTUBE LINK!

Laura Lewis: if all that happens over someone skating, they best belive they dont find me, i love to skate , and illcut a bitch who tries to stop me. skateboarding is fun! people need to get over themselves and let people have fun! ill put them in thier place if they try. the water she deserv

Looks like she was just trying to start a train but no one was interested.