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Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse

Identified Victims Kyle Rittenhouse Two Killed”New Video” shooting victims

Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old suspected of fatally shooting at least two people and injuring another during protests in Kenosha over the shooting of Jacob Blake, has been charged with murder

What kind of country allows a 17 year kid to walk around with a weapon like that any one of any age frankly but a 17 year old kid walking freely. It’s a disgrace


This is the guy that murdered two protesters and injure a third in Kenosha, WI. Kyle Rittenhouse was a “Blue Lives Matter” freak

Kyle Lewis went into a BLM protest, killed 2 people with an AR-15 and he was arrested peacefully. Meanwhile Jacob Blake was shot 7 times while he was unarmed getting into his car to check on his kids who were in the back seat.


The same country that lets thousands of people burn down cities for multiple nights in a row. These aren’t separate issues. Let’s the crazies roam and they come out of the woodwork from both sides…


2 killed in kenosha

These are the militia the Second Amendment was designed to protect citizens against, putting the lie to the idea that protestors are the problem: Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged w 1st-degree intentional homicide, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Molly Beck posted on Twitter”


Gun nuts just do not get the self fulfilling prophecy. They go out with their gun thinking they’re going to keep the peace, when in reality all they do is escalate the situation. Then they give themselves the green light to fire.


17 years old…I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but…I kinda am. Anybody wanna look into where he was groomed and who radicalized him, or…?

Another unarmed Black man who broke up a fight was shot 7 times in the back by the cops A White male carrying an AR-15 shoots and kills a protester and 3 armored police tanks roll right past him and wasn’t even apprehended Same town, same cops

Identified Shooter

17 yr old Blue Lives Matter far-right trumpflake, Kyle Rittenhouse, was arrested & charged with murder for killing 2 unarmed protesters in Kenosha. He’s labeled a fugitive from justice, which states that he had fled WI with intent to avoid prosecution for that offense.


Kyle H. Rittenhouse, white male, b 01/03/03, 5’4″, 150 lbs 286 Anita Terrace #104 Antioch, IL 60002 Charged with 1st degree Intentional Homicide >>A little white boy who thought he could kill because he wanted to. Mommy these people are yelling at me so I’m shooting them.

A 17-year old “police admirer” from Antioch, IL. was arrested for the shootings from last night. The RIGHT thing is to get rid of assault rifles! That’s the kind of productive assistance that the USA needs.

This is why the white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased by protesters – he had already shot someone. Then proceeded to shoot 3 more people, killing 2 of them. Meanwhile, the police offered him water and allowed him to walk away.
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you can whinge and moan all you like, but the kid was courageous, an excellent shot, and single-handedly took back America

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