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Kellie Chauvin George Floyd Girlfriend

Kellie Chauvin Derek Chauvin Girlfriend | divorce |

Kellie Chauvin, the wife of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin – who is charged with murder in the death of George Floyd – said she is filing for divorce after 10 years of marriage

The wife of the former police officer arrested for Floyd’s death divorces him

Today was not the best day for former Minneapolis police Derek Chauvin . Following his arrest and prosecution for the death of African American George Floyd during his arrest last Monday, his wife announced that he is divorcing .

Wife of accused ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin says in divorce filing she wants to change her name

Kellie Chauvin George Floyd Girlfriend

Kellie Chauvin is not asking for any spousal support in divorce papers she filed.

The estranged wife of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin intends to change her name and doesn’t want any spousal support, her divorce petition revealed on Monday.

Kellie May Chauvin, 45, filed for divorce on Saturday, a day after her 44-year-old husband of nearly 10 years, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody last week.


his wife since 2010, in profile on her entering Mrs. Minnesota pageant, says: “Under all that uniform, he’s just a softie. He’s such a gentleman. He still opens the door for me, still puts my coat on for me.”


How is this for a theory? Derek Chauvin‘s wife, Kellie, is the sister of Tou Thao, one of the other officers involved in the death of George Floyd. What if Kellie had a fling with George and Derek found out about it and enlisted Tou’s help to “teach him a lesson”?


The wife of arrested police officer, Derek Chauvin, is filing for divorce. Kellie Chauvin wants to end her marriage to her husband and former police officer Derek Chauvin. He was arrested recently over the murder of Goerge Floyd, which has set off a string of protests in America


Derek Chauvin knew what he was doing when he had his knee on George Floyd’s neck. We all heard George say he couldn’t breathe. Chauvin doesn’t deserve bond. Derek Chauvin is a danger to society, just like officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Keung, and Tou Thao.


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Take this fake news down. Stop telling people Kelli Chauvin is related to the cop killer who was alongside Derek Chauvin. Just because she’s of Asian decent doesn’t mean she’s related to an Asian who was on the scene and a part of a horrendous crime. The nation is going through a tough time, we don’t need your stupidity added to the pain and horror we’re experiencing. Your article is very irresponsible. Remove your fake news and poor English before I report you.

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