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Katiuscia Silva Mota

Katiuscia Silva Mota | Burned model girlfriend says there was jealousy discussion

The companion of the model Katiuscia Silva Mota, 31, who had her body set on fire, reported what happened on Monday night (10) in a condominium in the São Diogo neighborhood, in Serra.

The young woman, a 21-year-old freelancer, says that it all started because of a jealous argument. The model would have been altered by using anxiety medications and tried to destroy some belongings.

She tried to destroy my materials and they are flammable. In that, it was alcohol on the floor, on my leg and on top of her. I asked are you going to set us on fire? . I saw that she was intent on that, but I dont blame her she, she knew she was in the moment of anger , commented.

The young woman also says that she tried to get rid of a lighter that the victim held, throwing it under the refrigerator. The model would have managed to get the lighter back.

Katiuscia Mota

I ran out, but when I saw the neighbor at the front I ended up getting lost. I saw her from the door and after exactly three seconds it flashed. She tried to light the lighter the first, second and third times the fire spread. I was desperate, when I realized it had already happened , she said.

The model was taken to the Jayme dos Santos Neves Hospital in Serra. She had 40% of her body burned and is hospitalized with a stable state of health.

The freelancer also comments indigently about accusations that she set her girlfriend on fire.

“I would never have the courage to set my partner on fire, how am I going to do this with the person I love? Not even with a dog, much less with a human being. I have no criminal record of that, I’m not mentally ill to do this,” he added. .

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Katiuscia Mota