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KAREN N-Word ... and it's all on video

KAREN Identified: N-Word … and it’s all on video | Info

Just talked to her husband on Facebook and she definitely got arrested working on getting more details tho cuz like i said. WE GOT BAIL MONEY. Stay updated on the original tweet

A King

Please keep us updated! Im turning on my notifications for you. I got my Cash App READY!

Lena June (Mad Madam Mim)

SACRAMENTO ‘KAREN’KNOCKED OUTAfter Calling Woman N***** source: TMZ

Infov: More Karen‘s need to be dealt with just like this! Be racist get instantly consequated.

For the cashier to pull their phone out and record without saying a word, proves to me that Karen said more than just “excuse me”! She deserved that punch!

Chris Scott

Karen found out today! We are NOT our ancestors! You WILL catch hands calling people a n****!!!

Melanie Harris

Replying to @TMZ

Black Lives Matter. That being said, punching someone because they called you a name is wrong and the puncher lost any and all moral high ground after attacking this Karen/ogre.

Rats of Reason

You know how you have to discipline your child when they’re young to learn their lesson. This is the same situation. Respect others!

Art Gamboa

I am so changing my name

Karen Beth

 Can we stop calling people like this Karen?! I have a few friends named Karen and they are wonderful

Fallon Woodbury

I say, those punches were not as aggressive as using that word! Karen’s punches were emotional and the black lady’s punches were physical. They both hurt and should not be used. So to all the Karens out there, next time, use your brain if you have one!

Aida Alvarez-Quintanilla
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