Kanye West & Elon Musk

Kanye West & Elon Musk | The Yeezy Tesla

When you go to your boys house and you’re both wearing orange


Both people on this picture got no drip

Noah Wilson @Noah_wil30 Replying to @kanyewest

Kanye please tell @elonmusk that we don’t want rockets or electric cars anymore, we want Westworld real

Comfortably Smug
Replying to @kanyewest

Elon loves that shirt he’s been rocking the hell out of it ! He also loves taking photos in front of his robots!

Josh Legend

you’re the racist one though. you just found a picture of elon musk and kanye west and said “the white supremacy in this photo”. what about it screams white supremacy. both people have worked for their money, in completely different fields

just a frog, nothing more

Kanye West Elon Musk

Can’t wait till the day I can jump in my Yeezy Tesla wearing Yeezys and Yeezy Gap listening to Yeezus.