Justin Riaz Williams Biker Spits Jessica Lau by Braeden Riehl

Justin Riaz Williams spits Jessica Lau | by Braeden Riehl

A University Of Calgary Employee, Justin Riaz Williams, Recorded Spitting Spit At Asian Women On Bike Trails, Has Been Fired

Racism is real. Braeden Riehl was recording Jessica Lau longboarding in Calgary when a man on a bike spit on Lau and called her a racial slur. He was later identified and charges are pending. Video: Jessica Lau

Justin Riaz Williams Spits Jessica

Geez, read about Den Hollander on the same day I read about Justin Williams in Calgary (spitting incident). Both of these men were misogynists based on their anti-women screeds posted to social media. Is it time we make misogyny a hate crime?