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Juice Wrld real name and age

Juice Wrld real name and age

juice wrld interview

(2/3) I’ve watched every single freestyle he has had on YouTube. I’ve watched ever interview. I’ve watched every thing. @JuiceWorlddd has had such in inspiration on me and it’s crazy how much of an impact some one can have with not only their music but their personality.

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lucid dream juice wrld

I hate that corny ass lucid dream song and I didn’t give a shit about juice wrld. but dude died from a seizure at a really youn. same way cameron boyce went, that shit really can sneak up on anyone, I speak from experience. I feel bad for his fans. respect to the family.

juice wrld 999 wallpaper

juice wrld real name and age

Name: Alli ilyas Akorede Age: 18 (official age), 18 (realage) Location: “Ilorin, Kwara state” Favorite food: “Rice and catfish stew”(HMU if you got

) Hobbies: “listening to Music and twitter” Favorite artiste: “Juice wrld” Favorite line: “Not really” G.Fear: My END.

juice wrld and girlfriend

Wassgud my nigglets. Alright so this finna be short cause there’s nothing a lot to say anyways but me and M are dating we had a serious talk on the phone but he asked me to be his girlfriend a few days ago. Before i start rest easy Juice Wrld

Juice WRLD damn thisnone hurts man . You were lost for so long and your music from that helped me. . When you got a girlfriend and that heartbreak music slowed up everyone was happy for you! You wrote legends – and said yourself we ain’t making it past 21. This WRLD was yours man

Your body isnt built to take drugs 24/7. If u pop pills consistently you need to take atleast a few weeks to detox. Juice WRLD‘s passing should remind us all to take care of ourselves

Im not saying i know more than anyone on this case but drug/alcohol use can tend to trigger seizures. Whether this was the case or not for Juice Wrld i dont know yet, but everyone be careful out there because your body DOES have limits even though at times it doesnt feel that way