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Joseph Max Fucheck Navy Seal Dwayne Wynn Pics

Joseph Max Fucheck pointing gun at Dwayne Wynn

Video Shows Gun Toting Florida Man Going On A Racist Rant Joseph Max FucheckNavy Seal” has been charged

Miami Herald: During a racist tirade caught on video, Joseph waved a pistol around while yelling at a Black homeowner in North Miami-Dade. “Damn right, I carry a gun because I’m a 35-year former Navy SEAL!” he yelled. “Go look at my Purple Heart!”

Joseph Fucheck pointing gun at Dwayne Wynn

VIDEO Navy Seal JosephFucheck, 58, accusing a black homeowner of stealing mail from his own mailbox

Joseph they spelled his last name incorrectly. The first three letters are correct but then it’s “…khead”

Kremlin’s Fiddle

“Max Fucheck, 58, made racist remarks to Dwayne Wynn, as he accused the victim of not living at the Miami-area home, and said ‘this is why you people get shot’.

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