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Jessica Mann Sweater Give Me love

Jessica Mann Sweater “Give Me love”

From the beginning there was a clear sign of how this process would end. The witnesses were not only Mimi Haleyi, who testified that Weinstein forced her to have oral sex in 2006, and Jessica Mann, who recorded that Weinstein raped her in a hotel room in 2013. No, the judge also gave testimony from four other women: Dawn Dunning, Tarale Wulff, Lauren Young and Annabella Sciorra. They all testified that Weinstein had harassed, harassed, groped, raped them. Annabella Sciorra reported a rape that took place in her apartment on a winter evening in 1993 or 1994.

“This rape induced paralysis, which is a natural response,” she said, dressed in a brown sweater with the words “Give Me Love” emblazoned on it. “Harvey at that time had every advantage over me. Harvey did not see me as someone with equal rights.”

None of these acts could be the subject of the trial because they were time-barred. In fact, New York state criminal law prohibits mentioning other crimes by the same defendant in a trial. However, the same criminal law allows witnesses to be heard who show a “behavior pattern”. According to a precedent, such witnesses are referred to as “Molineux witnesses” in New York. One of Weinstein’s lawyers said that it was “extraordinary” that so many “Molineux witnesses” were allowed to testify, even though the testimony was essentially only that of two witnesses – Mann and Haleyi. And of course, the testimony of these extra witnesses made the defense business difficult right from the start.

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Model Tarale Wulff was there … so was Annabella SciorraLauren Young and Jessica Mann, just to name a few.