Attack Jennifer in wheelchair who allegedly had knife

Attack Jennifer in wheelchair who allegedly had knife

if u arent going to help shut up; its not ur fckn fight. yall are using ur voice to delay progress like Jennifer used her wheelchair to try to stop looters at target. its pointless/u have no reason to. ur complacency is ur prerogative so stop speaking on how revolutionaries work. COMMENTS

Target will be OK. AutoZone will be OK. Jennifer will be OK. So will her wheelchair. Have you ever tried rebuilding a human? But the Black community is seething. We’re fed up. Something MUST be done. #BlackLivesMatter

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Same lady who was randomly stabbing people in Target. She was doused with a fire extinguisher trying to keep her from stabbing more people. Don’t be a #Jennifer She can pretend her racist ass was protesting. FYI that’s a target wheelchair…she can walk just fine.

this man was unrightfully murdered by a white cop. the same people who are here to protect us are killing innocent people. so i want you to say it with me, black lives matter. #SayHisName George Floyd. the cops names were Derek Chauvin & Tou Thao. we want justice for George

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Trust, Accountability, Professional Service and murder. It would be HILARIOUS if something similar happened to the families of Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao! But they will get off because the union and blue line will protect them.

I’m glad they were terminated. I understand using force when someone is resisting arrest to subdue them, but this man was cuffed and clearly subdued. Officer Chauvin pressed against this man’s neck until the man went limp. All this for forgery? This is murder.

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Update: I called Minneapolis PD & spoke to an operator who told me DerekChauvin & Tou Thao (officers in George Floyd murder video) have both been fired. I asked if they were detained and the operator did not know. They said it’s been outsourced to another agency to investigate.