Jeffrey Adam Rouse

Jeffrey Adam Rouse | who is he ? Leaked

Viral video shows Jeffrey Adam Rouse screaming racial slurs at one woman in Naples

Are you okay ?? Geez did you get a license plate #? Model of the car?

Lupita Flores Vazquez

Ma’am, you got plenty! Face, voice, body and head movement, favored hat and glasses, and most of all a fine chunk of visual info of his car. That info is matchable. And he has done this before and been caught on camera as well. You did beautifully. I’d have been too shaky…

90’s tan/silver Honda with a taped up front passenger window. Driver is deranged and dangerous. This is horrible and should not have happened to you.

Jeffrey Adam Rouse VIDEO

Near the Collier County Courthouse, along Airport Rd. and U.S. 41 last night around 7 p.m. heading home. One woman says she was approached by a man and decided to pull out her phone after be began yelling racial slurs at her.
The woman who asked to be identified as Mishou released this statement to Fox 4 telling us,
β€œI just want to bring awareness to the world that even when you’re minding your own business as a black individual, we still get looked at and talked down upon! even in Naples, Florida, this happens! I’m thankful to be alive,” said Mishou.

wow, mansplaining to someone how to properly get racially harassed. a new level. galaxy brained mansplaining


lewis. i can tell you’ve also experienced some racially insensitive comments. which is why you thought you should impart your wisdom on her. however, somebody calling you a mayonnaise baby in 7th grade isn’t the life threatening situation you seem to think you’ve experienced

Benjamin Lawrence Macgowen He will get a year or two and be back as a threat to society. Would be better if he was sent to Venezuela or some other socialist utopia.

An East Naples man who led deputies on a pursuit Friday evening, verbally threatened someone and defaced two political…

Posted by Collier County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Stacy M Ughi Great job by CCSO! The rest of the country should follow suit and the lawlessness and madness in this country may come to end! Thank you CCSO for always being an example of positive law enforcement and keeping us safe!!

Beth Anne A man by the same name and the same age (now) got a suspended sentence for oral sex on a minor without minor’s consent in Pennsylvania in 2008. I wonder if it is the same person.