Michael Reinoehl kills Jay Bishop

Shooter Michael Reinoehl kills Jay Bishop | Portland Shooting | Identified

Jay Bishop identified as Portland shooting victim. Portland shooter kills Jay, The shooters name is Michael Reinoehl. He is 48 years old. He was identified by 4chan.

The official @PatriotPrayerUS page is identifying the man who was killed in Portland on Saturday night as group member Aaron Danielson, who often went by the pseudonymJay Bishop.”

Why does his arrest record say Jay Bishop? Source: @orblueduck

No I only know the man who was killed and know he is not named jay Bishop, the man killed is not the guy in the fox beanie (though there is some resemblance). He is not a felon his name will be released by portland police once his family is notified and you will see Source: @SethAwram

“Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, recklessly endangering another person and unlawful possession of a firearm. He was also cited for driving while uninsured, driving while suspended, and for speeding.” Winner.

Why didn’t you let the medic tend to the guy who got shot last night? Does the public know you attacked a medic trying to save him? source: @Alaska_Dee Replying to @PortlandPolice

Portland Shooting VIDEO Jay Bishop

Michael Reinoehl shot Jay Bishop

The other video shows a guy in a white shirt run up to him from behind and execute Jay. Don’t atone for the crimes of your leftist criminals. Jay Bishop.


Actually, you’ve got it a little backward. The guy who shot and killed someone last night in Portland is Michael Forest Reinoehl, age 48. The son didn’t kill anyone. The son is 17. The daughter referenced in the article is 11.


I am getting a lot of questions so I thought I would make this post. 1st- We love Jay and he had such a huge heart. …

Posted by Joey Gibson on Sunday, August 30, 2020

A man was shot and killed Saturday night in Portland as hundreds of Trump supporters caravaned into the city and clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters. The MAGA procession drew around 600 vehicles as they drove in late Saturday … some of them armed. It didn’t take long before clashes between the 2 groups erupted.

You hear shots ring out in the video and police find a man on the street who was hit. He was pronounced dead. There are reports the man was wearing a hat that read “Patriot Prayer” … the moniker of a far, right-wing group that has made its presence known before on the streets of Portland. It’s unclear if police identified the person who fired the shots.

Jay Bishop Portland shooting victim

Source: TMZ

Shooting Victim

Pics Source: Facebook Instagram – Shooter Michael Reinoehl kills Jay Bishop | Portland Victim

Why invoke the name of Louisville native Ali who condemned violent protests. For 90+ days, we have riots, fires, looting… and now cheers for a political execution in Portland. As far as CD, do you really want fire anywhere near the barns? Your encouragement is despicable

Source: @gaterBaiter

I think we’re talking past each other slightly. I named Wheeler & Portland as generic emblems; zero voters need to know the names of Mayors and Governors to be outraged by riots. The question is, which party will voters (rightly or wrongly) view as being the most culpable here?


Andy Ngo Twitter News

Jay Bishop / Michael Reinoehl 4chan Identified
May Jay – Aaron Danielson Rest In Peace I pray for his family to receive God’s comfort at this time @MariaLo01708983

Did you see the video? He was just walking and minding his own business and got executed. source: @lifevacay

Photo: Shooting victim Aaron Danielson by the pseudonym Jay Bishop

Portland Patriot!! Aaron Danielson OFFICIAL gofundme page

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Lisa Miller

Nahhh he was a racist white supremacist who dressed up for “combat” to kill people. He attacked another individual and therefore the shooter acted in self defense and took him out

Last edited 7 months ago by Lisa Miller

Have you seen the video? He was assassinated! The man was also unarmed except for bear mace he had no weapon on his body.


You are one cold hearted piece of work. The guy was executed for no reason. Someone yells out, “We have two right here!” The BLM/Antifa murderer responds, “Where? Right here?” Then he proceeds to fire off two rounds point blank into his victim and kills him on the spot. Then runs off like the coward he is! …and you praise him for it? SICK!!!


Nahhh he was killed by blm because they are evil demon possessed people who hate everyone and everything!,..They are a group of terrorist who have no job or no life so they come out at night like the zombies they are and destroy towns and businesses and murder people!