Jane Galloway Heitz dies from The Big Bang Theory

Jane Galloway Heitz dies from “The Big Bang Theory”

As a series actress Jane Galloway Heitz had been seen in productions such as “Glee” or “The Big Bang Theory”. Now the American died at the age of 78, as her daughter Amie Richardson announced.

Hollywood wears mourning: Jane Galloway Heitz is a popular actress who died after a decades-long career. About the prominent death is among others in the British “Express” to read.

Mourning for Jane Galloway Heitz: “Big Bang Theory” star is dead

Amie Richardson, the daughter of the deceased, provided information about the death of the American actress, who also worked as a casting agent. According to Jane Galloway Heitz had already died on 13 November 2019 in a hospital in Highland Park in the US state of Illinois. The actress, who was 78 years old at the time of her death, is said to have suffered from heart failure – according to the “Hollywood Reporter” this was the cause of death.

Jane Galloway Heitz has starred in countless TV series and films

Jane Galloway Heitz, who was married to TV producer and director Bill Heitz until his death 17 years ago, began her acting career after studying at the University of Minnesota. Since the early 1990s, the actress was seen in film and television, including in the hospital series “Emergency Room: The Emergency Room”, “Gray’s Anatomy”, “Prison Break” or “Monk”. In 2009, Jane Galloway Heitz had an episode role in the second season of “The Big Bang Theory” , then Jane Galloway Heitz also stood for “CSI: Las Vegas” and “Shameless – Not sober” in front of the camera. Her role as Lillian Adler, the head of the school club in the television series “Glee”,

Deceased Jane Galloway Heitz was also successful as an agent

In addition, Jane Galloway Heitz worked as an agent and helped Hollywood celebrities like Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Eric Stonestreet or Richard Kind on the first steps to a prestigious career in show business.

The funeral service for Jane Galloway Heitz is said to take place on November 30 in Illinois, according to the Express. There, the deceased actress will find her last rest. Jane Galloway Heitz leaves behind her daughter Amie Richardson and three grandchildren.