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James Scurlock Adam DeVine Jake Gardner

*LEAKED* James Scurlock Omaha Bar shooting

JAKE GARDNER shoots James Scurlock was murdered this weekend during a protest by a WHITE SUPREMACIST and they just announced that there won’t be any charges against Jake Gardner. Please take a second to call these numbers and demand #JusticeForJamesScurlock

Black Protester Shot to Death James Scurlock

a 22 year old black protestor James Scurlock was murdered on video by a white supremacist business owner who had been hurling the N-word at protestors all night. The cops detained the killer Jake Gardner, but *then released him*. More details to come
James Scurlock Adam DeVine Jake Gardner
James Scurlock, Adam DeVine, Jake Gardner
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James Scurlock got what he deserved. Choke a man on his own property while he’s defending his business and his elderly father, and anyone risks this happening to them. Jake Gardner American Hero.

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