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Jakrapanth Thomma soldier shoots several people

Jakrapanth Thomma soldier shoots several people

According to police, a man killed several people in northeastern Thailand. The offender is a soldier and still on the run.

A soldier has apparently caused a bloodbath in northeastern Thailand. According to the police, at least ten people died in Nakhon Ratchasima City. The perpetrator shot a machine gun at bystanders, which resulted in “many injuries and deaths”, said a police spokesman.

The man opened fire several times. The act then happened near a shopping center, which has now been closed off. According to the police, the gunman is still on the run.

Dispute over land as a motive?

The soldier had reportedly stolen an army vehicle. During the act, he posted photos and videos of himself in combat gear. According to the police, the man in the dispute over land ownership initially shot two people involved, a woman and another soldier. He also stole the murder weapon.

Photos and videos circulating on the Internet showed scenes of people fleeing in panic. Suspected shots from automatic weapons were heard. Local media shows a video of a man getting out of a car and shooting around.