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Is Kanye West running for President 2020

Is Kanye West running for President 2020?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse #KanyeWest is running for president in 2020! He’s looking for publicity to sell an album as trump was looking for publicity to hype up Trump Org. & American fools believed they wanted to help them?

Joyce Ann

Kanye West announces run for president in 2020 election…

Ryan Shead

Kanye West tweets he’s ‘running for president of the United States,’ references ‘2020 vision’. This is good for Trump & bad for #Biden who needs every Black vote to win. #Kayne2020 will run as independent pulling voters away from #DementiaJoe. #Trump2020


Ever since 2016, i think I’ve been anxious of American politics. Every candidate sounds absolutely insane and destructive. (Aside from Chad Bernie). Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, KANYE WEST?! It’s getting worse and worse. How about we electan intelligent, SANE person. Korbo @RAVENKING26