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Is Boris Johnson Death / Dies? Intensive Care

In the morning, it was said that the British Prime Minister Johnson is running government affairs from the hospital – despite his Covid 19 disease. Now his condition deteriorates so much that he is transferred to the intensive care unit.

if prime minister dies who takes over?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been transferred to the intensive care unit because of his Covid 19 illness. His condition has deteriorated, a government spokeswoman in London confirmed. The 55-year-old was brought to St. Thomas’ Hospital yesterday.

boris johnson in intensive care

boris johnson dead coronavirus

He had already made his infection with the novel pathogen public on March 27. Initially, he continued to work in isolation at Downing Street’s government headquarters. In his video messages about the pandemic, he was optimistic, but he already appeared to be suffering and had also lost a lot of weight. Later he had to be brought to the clinic because of persistent symptoms.

Johnson said on Twitter that he had gone to the hospital on the advice of his doctor “for some routine tests”. According to a government spokesman, he suffered from a fever and cough. Some British media, however, write about a serious lung disease; Johnson has already been ventilated. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab represented him at a meeting.

Reports: Clinics report lack of oxygen

In early March, the prime minister bragged about shaking hands in a hospital, including Covid 19 patients. He would continue to do that, he said at the time. Johnson’s pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds also said that she spent a week in bed with symptoms of lung disease. The prime minister and Symonds announced their engagement at the end of February. The baby is said to be born in early summer.

The British government is under considerable pressure in the fight against the pandemic: a lurching course wasted valuable time in containing the outbreak. The chronically under-financed health service NHS (National Health Service) also does not have enough tests, protective equipment and respirators. According to British media, the first clinics even reported a lack of oxygen for respiratory ventilation.

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