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In Sweden Wanted man store bed department in Uppsala

In Sweden Wanted man store bed department in Uppsala

An wanted person was found early this morning in the bed department at Ikea in Uppsala. Police suspect he arrived at the department store on Tuesday evening.

“He was not aware that he was observed so likely he was asleep,” says Tobias Ahlén, press spokesman at the Mittel police region.

It was the department store staff who alerted police after they discovered the sleeping man in the bed department at 05 am. When police arrived, they noticed that the tired man was arrested in his absence and wanted to be arrested.

He was taken into custody and driven to Stockholm where the crime he is suspected of was committed. What kind of crime it is is unclear.

– I have no information that he should have resisted at all, says Tobias Ahlén.

According to police, there were no signs of burglary.

– No alarm or so had gone so it indicates that he was there all night.

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