Illinois board rejects plans to close essential South Side Chicago hospital

SO, HOW MANY VACCINE DOSES ARE STATES GETTING? The mystery of why tens of thousands of promised COVID-19 vaccine doses won’t be coming to Illinois as scheduled over the next few weeks deepened as states around the country began to complain of the same thing, Greg Hinz reports.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Wednesday that federal Operation Warp Speed officials who control distribution of the Pfizer vaccine had informed the state without explanation that its allotment for the next two weeks would be cut “roughly in half.”

On Thursday, Pritzker said officials have “not provided us with any further explanation.” Meanwhile states including Florida and Michigan said they were also told by the federal government that they would received reduced vaccine shipments, referring to possible production problems.

But Pfizer, in a statement posted on its corporate website, denied it was having any difficulty in production, suggesting that the federal government might be to blame. MORE

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