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Fullfive Ikea masturbation incident in China

IKEA masturbation “Fullfive” incident in China

Miss Fullfive IKEA masturbation incident in China forces company to tighten security

In response, some netizens pointed out that the woman involved was a “Fullfive” for the female celebrity who often shoots large-scale and indecent videos in public places, and questioned that she made this move to hype herself and gain eyeballs, and bombarded her behavior. ,bad. At the same time, the incident reminded netizens of the indecent short film incident of the Uniqlo test room in Beijing Sanlitun in July 2015.

Woman Fullfive filmed masturbating in China Ikea store

China Ikea masturbation Video
Fullfive: IKEA masturbation Video Screenshot

It can be seen from the video that this young lady seems to be prepared, and she seems to be wearing only a white shirt and turned out to be a “vacuum battle!” ! I have to be surprised …

Does this scene feel familiar?

Thinking of the Decathlon zw incident?

The internet celebrity name Fullfive took selfies at various locations in the IKEA furniture store … During the time when strangers passed by, he did not appear ashamed, and saw that the photographer’s technology was also more professional, so as to infer that this young lady should be an “old driver”! ! !

This video of the event shot at the IKEA gate is as long as 16 minutes + high definition, and interesting friends suspect that the younger sister is hyping herself in order to gain fan’s vision! Similar to the “Decathlon” incident that occurred some time ago …

The younger sister in the video is pretty good, and finally the younger sister sprayed all the cushions! Should it be bought or compensated? !

Warm reminder: Internet platforms need to create a harmonious and safe system to be fair, open, and evil-intention hype will only bring bad effects and effects!

Video IKEA masturbation in China name Fullfive
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