Husband Simon Adele Files Divorce

Husband Simon: Adele Files Divorce

The star has long since broken up with her husband, but was not officially divorced

A few months ago, the Western media actively disseminated information about the divorce of the popular British singer Adele with her husband Simon Connekki. The singer even noticeably lost weight and bought a luxurious home for $ 10 million. But only now it became known that the 31-year-old singer officially filed for divorce.

Fans of Adele until the last hoped that the singer would make peace with her husband, but this did not happen. According to the publication People , the British singer still made the final and irrevocable decision to end her past. Relations with the 45-year-old spouse at Adele lasted eight years, of which three couples were married.

Adele and Simon have a common six-year-old son, Angelo. For a celebrity, this marriage was the first, but her ex-husband from 2004 to 2008 was married to stylist Clary Fisher.

Recall that the singer, who recently turned 31, made a publication on her Instagram page in which she talked about the difficulties she faced in her life.