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Holland Tunnel Shooting - New Jersey

Holland Tunnel Shooting – New Jersey

they got a 3rd guy on this side of the holland tunnel. 200 Hudson right above the tunnel exit

Holland Tunnel Shooting Video

Delays on Holland Tunnel eastbound from New Jersey (New York) . The travel time to the New York side is 60 minutes from New Jersey Turnpike Exit 14C and 60 minutes from New Jersey 139 at Tonnelle Circle

Police safely planning to move 57-KIDS. Completely away from line of fire

Parents requested to stay calm

Many parents rushing to scene

All kids are safe

New Jersey has all the gun laws Democrats say they want nationally, a Dem Governor and Jersey City has had entirely Democrat mayors since 1917 except in 2001? The NRA doesn’t run NJ, Democrats do and their laws don’t stop mass shootings.

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