Hessen Germany Hanau Midnight Shisha bar Shooting

Hessen: Hanau Midnight Shisha bar Shooting

According to BILD information, at least eight people died. The prosecutor also confirmed that there were five seriously injured. Update 1:35.

The ” Hessenschau ” reports that the shots were fired in two shisha bars.

Update 1:35. February 20, 2020 Berlin : Shots in 2 Sisha bars, 3 dead at Heumarkt and 5 dead in Kesselstadt.

Update 00:42. February 20, 2020 Berlin : The perpetrator is said to have shot out of a car. The shooter is said to have entered another shisha bar

Updates : 00:33 The police in Hanau are currently searching for as yet unknown offenders with a large contingent. According to initial reports, shots were fired at two different locations in Hanau on Wednesday evening, around 10 p.m. At least one person was seriously injured in the Heumarkt area – a dark vehicle had driven away from there. The criminal police asked for relevant information about the events or the fugitive perpetrators on 06181 100-123.

The shots in Hanau were fired   at  Kurt-Schumacher-Platz  , a central square in the Kesselstadt district  . There is currently a large contingent of police and emergency services on site.