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Harvey Briggs Andrew Golden

Harvey Briggs and Andrew Golden | Shocking Video – Officer

Andrew Golden Video: That is straight up assault and battery. This cop went out of his way to do this. If any citizen walked up to someone and did that they could be arrested. Cops should be held to an even higher standard, not a lower one. Harvey Briggs should get fired immediately and likely arrested.

How did he start the altercation? And is “impolite” illegal? I beg to differ, but Andrew used the F- word, Officer Briggs got in his face and physically assaulted him. How in the world do you equate those actions?

Andrew Golden says this went down Monday near the Tennessee State Capitol building as he was recording state troopers who had pulled over a motorist. He says he kept a safe distance away on a public sidewalk before State Trooper Harvey Briggs — who was not involved in the traffic stop — threw a fit. Source: TMZ

Briggs Identified IG, Facebook, Linkedin

If this isn’t assault then we are allowed to knock the hats off the @TNHighwayPatrol head whenever we want. File charges on your guy or don’t THP, but if you arrest someone for knocking your hats off this being legal in your eyes should be their defense in court.

Brook Jolley

Glad I don’t live down there. The South was once known first and foremost for it’s hospitality and gracious people. That’s not the first thing most people I know think of anymore.

Kay L. White

Briggs creates a situation, reacts the situation he created, doesn’t get the reaction he wants, walks away having achieved nothing, other than assault. Who could possibly respect the @TNHighwayPatrol when this unprofessional nightmare is one of your representatives.

There is nothing to wonder. The person filming saw police pull a driver over and took out his camera to record the interaction. This office Briggs from leaves his security post to confront the person recording the video subsequently ripping his mask off his face.
Andrew Golden Awesome. Thank you for saying something. As an Army veteran, I fought for you to have the freedom to stand on a public sidewalk & say what you want. Please keep us posted on the outcome or if you need anything.
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Wob Urto

I hope this guy dies the state of Tennessee. If I was on that jury I. Would hope to award a million dollars. Teach them a lesson.

Wob Urto

I meant sues. Me sorry.

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