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Harlem Man Skeeter Millz Hitting Women

Harlem Man “Skeeter Millz” Hitting Women

The man in Harlem who beat this girl with his skateboard for not wanting to date him is the definition of why not all lives matter. This mans life certainly 100% does not matter.

One thing is for certain if someone was/is to find Skeeter Mills and his friends and empty the clip in ALL of them I wouldn’t even be mad or sad it came to that point. At this point ain’t no restorative justice for him and his friends that recorded him assaulting that woman.

J.V. Farrer  @_jvfarrer90

@skeeter_millz @skeetermillz_

Woman hit with skateboard

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First of all it’s not a clip, it is a magazine. Second not cool calling for people to murder these assholes, better to let them go to prison and get raped. People in prison don’t appreciate people who hurt women and children. Third why didn’t you mention this was a black man? If this had been a white man, hitting a black woman, you would have dragged him through the coals by his toenails, in Hope’s of starting another riot. Why is it the media never talks about black on black, or black on white crime, but you jump all… Read more »


Stacy I guess you need to write CNN, FOX, MSNBC and ask why don’t they showcase black on black crime? All of these Black Male entities involved are PURETRASH for what was done to this woman!! THE FACT that they have NO REMORSE is disgusting. Let Judgement find them swiftly !

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